How we started


Phil Barrett b. 1957... guitarist from the tender age of 5 and since then has played all over the World in many guises. During the last 50-odd years Phil has owned and played through so many amps. During the 80's Phil became a session player (guitar & keys) and a multi-awarded record producer and arranger in Scandinavia which gave him the opportunity to try - and to buy loads of lovely amps. He still loves them - and is still looking for that one 'magic amp' - just like everyone else who has a passion for great tone! 

Why Tonecity?


Why not? I have a fabulous, evolving stock of all types of amp. Basically, I buy them for me... then eventually sell (most of) them for a small profit when I want more! I only buy amps I love in the first place - so I reckon that if you're like me, you'll more than likely like my amps - and the price!
I only want you to buy an amp that you really love - so you can always come and try with absolutely no obligation. If you're looking for something in particular, ask me - I might just know where there is one! And... if you can't get here and need something shipping - talk to me and we'll find a way!

Here at Tonecity, everything that we have for sale is also for hire at genuinely reasonable prices. If you need an amp or a PA, give us a call and we'll do our best to find a great deal for you. You may have something that you would like to trade... Just ask!!! 

I genuinely cannot remember every amp that I've ever owned... but here's a few in no particular order!

Granada 7 (battery), Mazeltoff, Fenton Weill, Dallas, El Pico, Wem ER40, Wem ER100, Vox AC30, Sound City 100, Elgen 100, Marshall 100, Hiwatt 100, HH IC100s, Sessionette 75, Leech ?, Kustom Combo, Teisco 50, Mesa Boogie IIB, Mesa Boogie IIc, Mesa Dual Rectifier, Mesa Boogie F-50, Mesa Boogie DC-5, Mesa Boogie .22 Calibre, Mesia Boogie (Zoom), Fender Twin Reverb, Fender Bassman, Fender Dual Showman, Line-6 Spider, Peavey Bandit, Line-6 Amplifi 150, ADA (preamp), Ceriatone OTS, Ceriatone OTS S/M, Dynacord Combo, Engl Screamer, Rockman (preamp), Rockman (combo), Kelly (stereo), Music Man 75 (hybrid), Ampeg combo, Roland JC120, Yamaha Rotary, Lab Series, Behringer, Leslie 3300, Soldano Lucky 13 combo, Jennings (transistor), Jet City 100, Jet CIty 50 combo, Blug Amp 1, Lunchbox, Pignose, Echolette, Yamaha, Trace Elliot - and there's undoubtedly more I can no longer bring to mind!!

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